Tricia Evans Hypnotherapy

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About Tricia

photo me conf_2010Hello, I’m Tricia Evans and welcome to my website. I hope you will find it motivating, informative and helpful.

I have over 25 years of experience in complimentary therapy.

I work with a specific range of very successful methods that can help people deal with the stress and anxiety that modern living can cause, and give suport in coming to terms with past traumas or upsetting incidents.

I specialise in:

Hypnosis for dealing with the stress and strains of everyday life and the effects of PTSD and traumatic or deeply upsetting incidents in your life!

Hypno-Band Therapy for Weight Loss (licensed practitioner)

Hypno-Chemo designed to compliment modern medical treatments and assist people diagnosed with cancer at every stage of their illness (licensed practitioner)

The Thrive Programme which is an amazing psychological training system for changing limiting beliefs that hold you back from creating the life you want in order to thrive .This includes:

Thrive as a non smoker

Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive

The Thrive Programme for Teenagers – 14 year old boy cured of emetaphobia 

Relaxed Childbirth Programme giving the best possible childbirth experience for you and your baby.

I also teach Yoga and hold classes in Coedpoeth.

I am a fully trained and experienced Hypnotherapist and a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register. I follow a strict code of ethics that include a comprehensive complaints and disciplinary procedure and I have been a practising hypnotherapist since 1991.