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The Thrive Programme Video Testimonials:      

Di cures herself of depression          Charlie’s cure for ‘social anxiety’     14 year old cured of Emetophobia             

Jenny recognised how she       Ola overcame low self-esteem      Kieran solves mystery of his       created her own social anxiety        and confidence issues              serious breathing difficulties


The Thrive Programme Written Testimonials:

Since continuing to do thrive after finishing my sessions I feel in the past year I have really turned myself around and have control over my no longer spiralling thoughts when I need it the most. This was a huge achievement for me as at first I fould this really difficult to do but after sticking with thrive and persevering I’ve done it. Through out I have had the support of Tricia my Thrive consultant and just knowing she was a phone call or session away should I need it made me feel a lot better. As of yet I haven’t needed a session which is what happens when you keep using your Thrive skills. I’m very grateful for everything Thrive and Tricia have helped me with. Jen April 2015

1) Before I went on the Thrive Programme I didn’t even know what social anxiety was, but when I read the words ‘a fear of intimacy’, BOOM, it hit me straight between the eyes! Bits of the jigsaw (my life), fell into place; why I kept separating myself from other people, worrying what to say in social situations and worrying what people might think of me… This had to stop! Once I realised the pressure I was putting myself under by my negative thinking, then keeping myself safe was not an option anymore… I decided to choose positive solutions and this is what the Thrive programme gives plenty of… I practised and practised… I’ve now overcome my social fears. I’ve recently been in social gatherings where I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and I am now relaxed and at ease within myself, and it feels so-o-o-o good. Mo F.

2)  I found that this programme challenged both my thinking patterns and processes and so took a while to ‘get my head around it’! I liked that I could do it in my own time and at my own speed and I felt very at ease with my practitioner. Tricia is a very comfortable person to be with and I felt easily able to respond or ask questions, knowing that she would not be judgemental. Having completed the 6 sessions with Tricia, I feel much more at ease with myself. I feel as though I am now able to step back and give myself the space to find and reinforce what was within me somewhere! The prospect of doing this course was daunting, but the result has more than out-weighed this.   A.S.

3)  The Thrive programme kept me interested all the way through – good balance of reading and exercises. It’s a very ‘down to earth’. There is a lot to work through but putting in the time and effort was worth it for the positive results. I now have a much better understanding of myself. I’m able to recognise the negative thoughts and patterns and am able to replace them with positive ones. Completing and revisiting the ‘ACTIONS’ helps to reinforce my learning. Love the ‘Dream Technique’. Knowing that what I have learned can be applied throughout my life. Doesn’t just apply to one issue. Can help with all aspects. Our family benefits from myself and my husband completing the Thrive Programme with Tricia, who is an excellent practitioner, very sensitive. I think the programme was enhanced by working with her.  Mary J

4) Hi Tricia. I’ve just been to the dentist and had to have a tooth out. Extremely pleased with myself x  And I made it to Portugal and back too!  

Jayne October 2014             

May 2015

Before completing the thrive programme I was very unconfident, suffered from panic attacks, had very little self esteem. It was hard going doing Thrive and I had to do a lot of work but it paid off in the end 🙂 I am a lot more confident and don’t have panic attacks because I’ve learned what is good about myself and to block out the bad bits.

When I first started I struggled to say even 2 good things about myself/ things I’m proud of and now I could write a list 😉

Tricia is a legend and will tell you the honest answer (if you did something bad she will tell you and how to make it better, same as if you did something good). I would recommend Thrive to people who are like me and other people because it helps with lots of different things too.




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