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Hypno-chemo logo imagesWhat is Hypno-Chemo?

Hypno-Chemo offers people diagnosed with cancer a complimentary therapy alongside the established treatments from the doctors, the consultants and other organizations people may be involved with.

Hypno-Chemo assists people at every stage of their illness with the focus on supporting clients to accept the powerful role they themselves can play in their recovery.

Hypno-Chemo shows you how stress in the immune system, from both long term stresses and a series of recent major traumas, can lower the immune systems effectiveness, allowing disease to manifest itself.

Restoring the psychology to a positive mind set, including diet and exercise, will aid the client’s immune system and have a positive effect on their recovery. This allows the person to produce the best possible environment they can. Align that with modern medicine and we are offering the client a full pronged approach to dealing with their illness.

Just like medical treatments, Hypno-Chemo cannot promise to cure cancer. It’s sole purpose is to assist people diagnosed with cancer by firstly changing their perceptions and then allowing them to appreciate the powerful role they themselves can play in their recovery! This is achieved using CBT, hypnosis, positive visualisation and a big old dollop of common sense that all help people with cancer establish a positive expectation at every stage of their illness. We want every person diagnosed with cancer to realise that although they may have cancer, cancer doesn’t necessarily have them.

How does Hypno-Chemo work?

Hypno-Chemo works by reducing client fears and anxieties using hypnosis and positive visualisation in turn reduces the patients distress by increasing their optimism and their “Motivation to Mend”.

The Hypno-Chemo program is all about building acceptance and positivity. Just as a negative mind set tends to focus on the worst of experiences or outcomes, a positive mind set focuses on positive outcomes, positive experiences and also empowers us to achieve our goals. A positive mind set can help reduce our perception of pain, whilst increasing optimism and inner strength.

Immune system pink and blue imagesCABLZER2Our body’s immune system is the most powerful weapon we possess in our fight against cancer. It’s well documented that stress reduces the effectiveness of this system; just consider now when we get the most colds, flu’s and sore throats etc? When we are run down or stressed! So for any person diagnosed with cancer getting their immune system functioning to the best of its ability is a crucial part of their recovery process.

Modern medicine is the best it’s ever been.  Modern screening, diagnosis and treatment of cancer are central to every person’s recovery. However, just giving yourself over to modern medicine and hoping for the best, will be nowhere near as effective as going into that same treatment with the added benefits of a positive mind set, a healthy lifestyle and a well thought out coping strategy.

The Hypno-Chemo treatment is divided up into 6 separate modules that can be adapted to every client’s individual situation.

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