Tricia Evans Hypnotherapy

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FAQs About Hypnosis…

What is Trance?

Trance can be anything from a visualisation type experience where you can talk freely to a deeply relaxed dream type state. Trance is a naturally occurring state and hypnosis uses this state in order to prompt change in the required direction.

Can I be Hypnotised against my will?

No. Hypnotherapy requires the co-operation and trust of the client in order to work. A large part of the session is spent on understanding fully the client’s needs and building a deep level of trust between client and therapist.

Will I know what is going on?

Yes, the client is fully aware at some level of what is going on. Any suggestions for change made during the session that are not in line with the client will be ignored by the unconscious mind even to the point where it may bring the client out of trance. Such suggestions are therefore counterproductive.

FAQs About Hypno-Chemo 

Is Hypno-Chemo an Alternative Cancer Therapy?

No, Hypno-Chemo is designed to be a totally Complementary Therapy that will benefit the person diagnosed with cancer at every stage of their illness. This therapy is based on decades of research and is founded on solid principles and research.

Will Hypno-Chemo Interfere With My Medical Treatment?

No, Hypno-Chemo is there to positively aid modern medical treatments by giving clients a “Positive Mind set” and a “Motivation to Mend” .

How Successful Is The Treatment?

The Hypno-Chemo Treatment has been developed using tried and tested psychological techniques, the success of the treatment really does come down to each individual therapist.

Is There An Age Restriction For This Treatment?

The full Hypno-Chemo treatment is suitable for adults only. Although certain modules of the treatment are suitable for children and their vivid imaginations.