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Becoming a non smoker

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This shorter, more specific Thrive program consists of 2 – 3 sessions and includes the workbook Thrive as a non smoker.

The Thrive Programme is an incredibly effective multi-session “training course” that will not only help you to see things in a very different way, but will also give you the power and knowledge to realise all of your dreams and aspirations. Thrive is a programme for Changing YOUR Limiting Beliefs.

It’s a training programme that teaches people how to overcome their problems, symptoms, health-issues and other hurdles in their lives, by managing their thoughts, beliefs, emotions and thinking styles effectively.

THRIVE as a non-smoker is one of the official workbooks/manuals of ‘The Thrive Programme’ and is provided after the first session. This innovative training programme gives you a very flexible way of taking control and creating the life you want; working through the book at your own pace,  supported by Tricia.

A £50 non-returnable deposit is required 2 weeks before the treatment.

The main difference between the Thrive Programme and other self help or Cognitive Interventions is that the Thrive Programme places huge emphasis on the trainee KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING how their mind and body interact:

Research shows that most – if not all – illnesses, anxieties, depressive disorders, habits, phobias, fears, immune system issues etc have a cognitive (or thinking) component to them. That is to say that the severity of the distress caused by the illness or symptom, the depth of anguish and pain or discomfort experienced by the sufferer, and even the actual illness or symptom itself, may be caused, prolonged or made worse by the way the sufferer thinks and feels about it.

Research shows that people will only invest their energy, time and commitment to achieving a goal – any goal – once they BELIEVE that their efforts will be successful.

Rob Kelly’s Thrive programme is a process that allows a person – through guided self-awareness exercises – to understand that they CAN overcome their problems, symptoms, health-issues and other hurdles, by recognising how their own thoughts and beliefs were either causing or contributing to the problems in the first place.

Once the person can clearly identify that their problems are caused (or contributed-to) by them not managing their thinking very well, and they are shown some simple, understandable and predictable techniques that they can use to change their limiting beliefs, they will put in massive and determined effort to achieve their goals because they believe they will be successful.

This training program is aimed to help people completely change their limiting beliefs -empowering them to take back control of their life and thrive. This is a technique that can significantly help YOU to become a non-smoker

It’s all about YOU taking control of your life and making the changes that YOU want to become a successful and thriving non smoker.

Smoking is harming your vision – stub it out!

In a recent research survey conducted by Rob Kelly (2011) 92.5% of participants reported stopping smoking using the Rob Kelly Method….


Kelly, R.C. & Allen, C.E.L. (2011) Survey results of the ‘rob kelly method’: an applied psychological technique for smoking cessation. Downloaded from [link to rob’s smoking page]